Lot Availability


Mount Hope Cemetery in Lambertville, New Jersey currently has lots available in numerous locations throughout its seven acres, including the location pictured above (Southwest Corner/South Franklin Street Area.) Additional locations are listed below.

Lots can be purchased singly, or in adjacent multiples. Each
lot can be used to bury one casket and/or two ash urns. The cemetery is currently selling these lots for $1,000.00 each.

 For specific information about lot availability or to arrange a tour of the property, please contact the cemetery
at 609-397-5675.

Lot Locations:

▪  Southern Border (across from St. John’s Cemetery):
Located along the southern border of Mount Hope Cemetery, just across the road from St. John’s Cemetery. There are approximately 40 lots available in this section.

▪  Southeast Corner:
Located near the cemetery’s Lincoln Avenue entrance, this section of the property borders Boozer Street and St. John’s Road (the paved road between St. John’s Cemetery and Mount Hope Cemetery.) There are approximately 30 lots available in this section.

▪  Taylor Mausoleum Area:
Located at the highest point on the Mount Hope property directly in front of the large, ornate stone Taylor Mausoleum building, this section has approximately 25 lots available.

▪  Southwest Corner / South Franklin Street Area:
Located north of the flagpole at the Fireman’s Memorial, (down the hill) there are approximately 100 lots available in this section.

Lots in other locations,
including historic areas of the cemetery,
can be shown upon request.

Make An Appointment
You can make an appointment to visit Mount Hope Cemetery and meet with an officer of the organization who will give you a tour of the grounds, show the lot locations that are available for sale and answer any other questions you may have. Please call 609-397-5675 to make an appointment, or send an email to: