Burial Records, Deeds & Genealogy

1)    If you are looking for burial records of a family member in order to arrange an additional interment, or to purchase additional lots, please contact Mount Hope Cemetery directly at info@mounthopecemetery.org,
or call 609-397-5675.

2)    If you believe your family owns lots in Mount Hope Cemetery, but you cannot locate the deeds, (also called “Right To Interment” documents) please contact the cemetery directly using the above contact information.

3)    If you are looking for genealogy information about a member of your family that is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, please read the information on this page and search through the PDF files linked below before contacting the cemetery. If you are sure that your family member is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery and the information you are looking for is not contained in the listings linked below, you can contact the cemetery by email at info@mounthopecemetery.org
or by telephone at 609-397-5675.

4)    If you are a genealogist, (amateur or professional) you are welcome to search and peruse our online records also. Unfortunately, Mount Hope Cemetery does not have the resources to answer questions from genealogists beyond what is contained in the documents linked below. For those that are seeking photographs of headstones through FindAGrave.com or other organizations, please be advised that Mount Hope does not have the resources
to provide these services.

Online Burial Records

Copied below are three links to PDF files containing listings of the names, dates of birth and death and burial locations of those interred in Mount Hope Cemetery. The listings are sorted by last name. Each lot location contains a letter and two sets of numbers. The letters correspond to the lettered rows on the map linked below. The first set of numbers in each lot listing refers to the lot location. The second set of numbers in each listing are data reference numbers that have no connection to the lot location.

Please read all of the information below before contacting the cemetery with questions.




About Mount Hope Cemetery’s Online Records:

The records contained in the PDF files linked below were transcribed from the original burial records of Mount Hope Cemetery by a group of local volunteers. Due to the fact that the original burial records (dating back as early as 1801) are not entirely accurate or complete, the information in the listings linked below is not always an accurate reflection of the information inscribed on the memorial stones in Mount Hope Cemetery. Similarly, the burial locations in the listings (designated by a letter and a number) are not always the actual location of the burials and/or memorial stones.

Map of Mount Hope Cemetery
(PDF file – 769K)

Important Printing Instructions 

The map in the PDF file linked above was scanned from the original map of Mount Hope Cemetery that was printed by the Philadelphia lithographer Morris H. Traubel (1820-1892). Since the map measures 32 inches square, you will have to select the printing option in Adobe Acrobat that reduces the image to the paper size.

Information About Lots & Lot Locations

  •  Each lot in Mount Hope Cemetery is identified with a letter and a number. The lettered rows run west to east. Row A is located on the side of the cemetery near the main entrance on South Franklin Street. Row Z is located on the opposite side of the cemetery, near Boozer Street and Lincoln Avenue. The numbers run north to south, from “1” to approximately “200.” The lower numbers begin at the north end of the property (the bottom of the hill) and the highest numbers are
    at the south end of the property
    (the top of the hill.)
  •  Each lettered row in Mount Hope Cemetery is two lots wide. Nowadays, each lot is identified with the designation of either “east ” or “west.”
    However, most of the historical records
    do not include this designation.
  • Between each of the lettered rows, there are 4-foot spaces called “aisles.” The aisles were established to provide gravesite access to horse-drawn carts and wagons during the 19th century.
  • Each lot in Mount Hope Cemetery measures
    3 feet wide by 8 feet long.
  • Most of the headstones in Mount Hope Cemetery
    face west, but there are many headstones throughout the property that face different directions,
    including diagonally.